We pride ourselves in owning some seriously high end gear! Care has been taken to choose a highly versatile selection of tools, capable of capturing audio at the highest possible fidelity. Our studio strongly implicates the use of classic analogue gear, to give your recordings the edge and warmth that some modern recording studios lack. Check out our collection for yourself! 


Interface & Processing

Interface: Antelope Zen Studio. 24bit, 24 track recording up to 196khz.

Computer: 2009 3.33 GHz, 6-Core Mac Pro with 32gbs of ram. Dual Screen Setup.

Software: Logic X, Pro Tools 11, Slate digital Mix, Master and FX Collection, Waves plugins, and Kontakt 10; including the Solid Mix Series bundle.


  • (x2) Avedis ma5

  • (x2) AML 1081

  • Capi VP312

  • (x8) Audient Asp880

  • (x12) Antelope Zen

  • Focusright Voicemaster Platinum Pro

aja drum kit.jpg

Record, Rehearse, Create

All backline is available for no extra charge.


  • Peluso 2247se (u47)

  • (x2) Peluso P12 (c12)

  • (x2) Neumann km184

  • Sennheiser 441n (Vintage)

  • (x2) Se R1 ribbon mics

  • Shure sm7b

  • (x7) Shure sm57

  • (x2) Shure sm58

  • (x2) Shure pg58

  • Akg d12

  • Audix D6

  • (x2) Rhode nt5

Additional Outboard

  • Wes audio beta76 Compressor (1176)

  • (x2) Dbx 160a compressor

  • Focusright Voicemaster Pro Platinum Channel Strip.


  • Yamaha HS7's

  • Krk Vxt4's


We can cater for 6 separate stereo feeds, feeding up to 21 pairs of headphones.

  • Extreme Isolation Ex29 Plus (x8)

  • Audio Technica Ath-m50's

  • Audio Technica Ath-m40x

  • Audio Technica Ath-m30's

  • Beyer Dynamic Dt100's

  • AKG K99's

  • (x8) Numark hf125's

Our live room is also equipped with a PA System and 3 Warfdale floor monitors

aja guitar amps.jpg

Get away, Get Creative.


  • Fender Telecaster MIM 2001

  • Taylor Big Baby

  • Fender c12 12 string

  • Fender DG-1 Acoustic (early 90’s) 

  • Stagg BC 300 bass, 


  • Fender Hotrod Deluxe ii

  • Vox Ac4 C1 12

  • Marshall 4x12 cab,

  • Peavey Lead Series

  • Peavey TKO 60 (Bass)


  • Yamaha Birch Stage Custom

  • Yamaha Steel Snare

  • De Gregorio Cajon

  • Djembe and and a varied box of percussion including shakers, tambourines, woodblocks etc


  • Sheargold Baby Grand Piano (upon request as its in the main house) 

  • Krakauer vintage upright piano

  • Yamaha p900 weighted Keyboard with midi

  • Hammond Phoenix with MDD Organ