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Audio Recording

This services includes an Audio Engineer/Producer and use of the whole studio and all its equipment, if you don't need an engineer then you may prefer the dry hire option! 


Full day (8 hours):  £250

Half Day (4 hours) : £160

Short day (2 hours): £80

1 week (5x8 hours): £1,200

Overtime at £40 per hour


Audio Recording | Diamond Package

This service includes our in house Audio Engineer/Producer and also Songwriter and Veteran Producer Arno Spires. Arno has written with names including Nile Rogers, Jason Nevins, Jim Vallance and Dave Stewart. He also has written and produced hits for mainstream artists including four songs on Alesha Dixon's "Do it for Love" album and was previously published by Warner Chappell and then BMG/Chrysalis, recording his own work as an artist with three time Grammy Award Winning Producer David Bottril. He brings a wealth of experience to the final production.  This service also includes full use of our studio and its equipment.


Special Offer for limited time only!

Full day (8 hours): £350

Half Day (4 hours): £180

Pre-Production with Arno (3hours): £150



Dry Hire

This does not include an engineer, but gives you use of the whole studio and all its equipment. There will be an engineer on site to help you get set up if needed or if any problems occur.


Full day (8 hours): £180

Long Day (10 hours): £220

Half Day (4 hours): £100

Short day (2 hours): £60


This price is per video/song and editing. For larger projects please get in touch via the contact form.


Professional Video with Lighting and editing: £350 per video

Professional Video with Lighting and editing and 2 camera man: £650 per video

Video with Live Audio Recording (not including mix & master): £550



This price includes only the use of our live room, with the drum kit, pa and amps.


4 hours: £60

+ Overtime at £15 an hour




Mixing by engineer James Golding (Basic Mix such as Acoustic Songs etc) : £100 per track

Mixing by engineer James Golding (Big Mix including all the extra trimmings!) : £160 per track

Mixing with client: £40 per hour




1 track mastered: from £40

5 tracks mastered: from £180

10 tracks mastered: from £350


Session Musicians

Our Session musicians are available to play on your recording: from £160 per musician


Residential Services (for a 2 bedroom house adjacent to the studio):


4 Night Stay (minimum booking):  From £600 on top of recording fees.

+ £150 per additional night


Live Sound


1 Day/night whilst supplying own gear: £320, plus travel at 45p per mile

1 Day/night using venues system: from £250, plus travel at 45p per mile




Please get in touch for our latest photography rates.




Guitar Tuition: £40 an hour

Music Production Tuition: From £40 an hour